Buying Options

Buy – Lease – Finance

Buying options


As it sounds, you can get the car for its cash price paying with a wire transfer.


With this option, you are only paying for the portion of the car you are using over the number of years in your lease agreement. That “portion” you use is the amount of depreciation the vehicle will suffer over the course of your lease.

So during the period of your lease you’ll pay a monthly fee, which will depend on the vehicle’s cost, and will include: road tax, insurance and basic maintenance. But don’t worry, while your car is getting maintenance we’ll provide a temporary vehicle for you, so you can just keep on doing your normal daily business.

Leasing is not available on some models.


We work with all the banks on the island. So come and get a quotation for the vehicle you want and go to your bank of preference and ask for car financing.